Demon Tower


When the Demons came to invade the Sun Kingdom, the Demon portal reopened from withing the sealed Demon Tower.

The portal above the Demon Tower is getting bigger and bigger each day! You'll need to check on it every day to make sure it remains sealed. Each day you return, I will reward you with some truly epic items!

How to PlayEdit

Killing a monster adds to your Fortune Bar. When it is filled, treasure goblins will appear. Kill them to earn T3 Magic Stones, Silver Keys, Golden Keys, Gem Packs, etc.

Also be sure to talk to General Droug to accept the Spirit Collection quest entering the Demon Tower. This quest rewards a lot of XP. Add me kamialejo grizzly server

Killing a monster has a chance to collect Spirit. Collected Spirits are displayed in the lower right corner.


You get 25 attempts at 6:00am ET (UTC-5). Attempts stack up to 100 times.

Bonus: Finish 30 stages of the Demon Tower each day to complete a daily achievement.