Clan War

How to PlayEdit

Match CriteriaEdit

To join Clan War, Clan Master must find an opponent during Friday 12:00pm - 9:00pm ET (UTC-5).

There are 2 modes: Matched and Declaration
1. You can declare war upon another clan by entering a clan name on the Clan War window.
2. Auto-matching is prompted if a queuing clan has not declared war by 9:00pm. The system will pair up clans with similar battle power and resources. Matched opponent lists are announced at 9:00pm.
3. Stage 1: Invasion will start right after the match is made.

Signing upEdit

1. Members can choose to participate after the match is made. Up to 80 members per clan can line-up for each session.
2. Clan Masters can arrange the roster and assign roles (Calvary, Stronghold, or Assault) through the clan war dashboard.
3. Countering rules - (Bonus stat boosts for the advantaged camp):
Cavalry > Stronghold; Stronghold > Assault; Assault > Cavalry
4. The roster locks down at 8:30pm. No additional changes can be made after.


Begins every Sat at 7:00pm

Each action (move, attack or defend) costs 10 Activity Pts

  • Move - Order troops to advance or retreat.
  • Attack - Win: Base Glory Pt x2, Captive Pts x2. Defeat: Glory Pt x0
  • Defend - Win: Base Glory Pt x4, Captive Pts x3. Defeat: Glory Pt x1 (Warding off enemy troops grants 2 extra Glory Pts)

Stage 1: Invasion (7:00pm - 8:59pm). Both sides advance from their clan bases to take over the 3 forts in the center. The team that captures over 70% occupies the fort.

Stage 2: Encounter (9:00pm - 9:59pm). Activity bars for all players will reset and Clan bases will be open for capture. Troops advance from their territories in attempt to take down the enemy base.

Stage 3: Outcome (10:00pm). The team that gains more total ground is the victor. Rewards are mailed to the participants directly afterwards.

Results: Glory Pts are given after weighing in factors such as victory/defeat, clan power and advantages. Use Glory Pts to redeem special items in the clan war shop before next week’s session!