Auriga Abyss

Battle the creatures within to discover great rewards! You have 400 seconds (6 minutes, 40 seconds) to complete it!


I've been training with my master in the hills for many years now, but lately, I've noticed a glimmer in the distance. One day, I decided to investigate. Seeing as how you're a hero, I think I should tell you about what I saw...

It's the Auriga Abyss! The legendary vault that travels through space and time. I thought it was only a story!

The Auriga Abyss. My master taught me about it before. It's a pocket dimension that has existed when time began, and over the years, it has accumulated treasures both vast and terrible. Hordes of fearsome creatures are known to protect its boundless wealth.

Don't take this lightly. It takes a skilled magician to open its portal, so you must absolutely have me by your side. Otherwise, you will become a part of the vault's collection!